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Заявка на лечение Заявка в санаторий

"Болезнь легче предупредить, чем лечить"

  • Диагностика
  • - точная диагностика;
    - современные технологии;
    - высокое качество медицинских услуг.

"Верь не болезни, а врачу"

  • Лечение
  • - эффективное и доступное лечение;
    - лучшие зарубежные клиники;
    - профессиональные консультации.

«Где здоровье, там и красота»

"Здоровье дороже денег"

"Меняйте историю болезни на историю здоровья!"

"Знать свой изъян – первый шаг к здоровью"


The specialized authorized agency "Garmonia" is providing a set of services of medical examination/ treatment and rehabilitation abroad for citizen of the Russian  Federation and CIS and for all interested persons.

You may become a patient of any leading medical institution, university clinic, multi-profile or specialized hospital in any country of Europe, Asia and America.

The agency "Garmonia" could help you make the right choice offering you to select from various countries, clinics, hospitals and physicians, gain information on potentialities to receive necessary treatment in the clinic you have chosen and its provisional estimate, provide for preliminary medical advice of a specialist.  

With support of specialists in medical clinic in Saint-Petersburg, the "Garmonia" agency may execute proper format exchange of medical information between a patient here and foreign specialists, as well as between foreign and domestic specialists.

If necessary, specialists in medical clinic in Saint-Petersburg could carry out medical supervision and consulting for patients after they were discharged from the foreign clinic.

The "Garmonia" agency could provide for accommodations for the family and relatives of a patient for the time of his/her treatment, as well as for a qualified interpreter in command of medical themes and terms, in order to enable you to communicate with hospital’s specialists and the personnel.  

If need be, we will accompany you during the whole period you stay in the hospital. We will give you comprehensive information about the country you selected, its climate and the local way of life and habits, because it is very important, especially if your treatment and consequently the time you will stay there will be long enough.

The "Garmonia" agency will render to you the entire set of indispensable related services: submitting the complete cost calculation of medical and non-medical services, including translation of necessary documents; passport and visa execution; passport and visa prolongation; booking of tickets of any class and of the hotel of any level (in accordance with local circumstances) for the patient and the person who is accompanying him/her; renting a car and security; reservation of sightseeing tours or field trips; purchasing of any items of personal consumption and other specified or agreed upon services.

The "Garmonia"  agency will be your true support group.

Do not delay your treatment; time is running out, but the problem remains.   

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